eBX and CoreMedia Acting in Concert

The seamless approach for customers, editors and system integration

The eBusiness eXtension for CoreMedia CMS offers your online business to stand out from the crowd, on both a technical and a conceptual level. The next generation approach to customer service is to offer a unique shopping experience across all sales channels.

No matter what device or channel your customer uses to access your business, the user experience will be the same. Shopping is made easy by  providing the same customer data as well as offering personalised cross- and up-selling information at all times.

eBX und CoreMedia

Seamless Delivery for Your Customers

  • Link your information content seamlessly with suitable products.

  • Increase the traceabilitiy of favoured products through contexualisation.

  • Trace your users and offer them suitable new hits

  • Model the checkout flexibly according to your company's preferences

  • Design your online channels to be the all comprising user self service central.

  • Extensive and extended shopping features (e. g. public whishlists) connect your customers and their friends to your shop.

Seamless Editing for Your Editors

  • Create a single space for your editors to complete all their editing and configuring tasks.

  • Products and information are automatically imported and unified from existing backends and data sources.

  • Optimise the usability and shopping lifecycles via the integrated reporting tool.

Seamless Backend Integration for Your Company's IT Environment

  • Keep your existing systems running. Adaptive interfaces provide consistent data throughout all your systems.

  • Light weight architecture which enables flexible scaling.

  • Automated imports keep all your data up to date.