Evolution of eBusiness

Next generation Shopping

Todays's customers have high expectations for their online shopping experience. For online retailers this often translates into challenging requirements for many implementation factors. eBX for CoreMedia raises your eBusiness to a new level.

Your road to success

Customers are looking for a seamless experience across all channels. Nowadays digital sales channels  are often the central point of contact. The user experience needs to meet all your customer's requirements in order to encourage them to buy as well as to tie them to your company. How can we help to keep your customers satisfied?

  • Targeted Information & Products
    Nowadays informational content is preprocessed via contextualisation and personalisation. The eBusiness eXtension directly targets the customer via suggestions and reminders.
  • Cross-Channel Usability
    On any given day potential buyers might access a number of different sales channels - pc, tablet or smartphones.
  • Flexibility in Positioning Content, Products and  Shop-Features
    Content and feature design can be simple and flexible. eBX acting in concert with CoreMedia makes it effortless.
  • Editing
    Full editorial control via a single editing system. Information pages as well as product maintainance can be done from within the editing system. 
  • User Tracking & Reporting
    A high-level user tracking and reporting system is integrated into the editing system to enable accurate and detailed analysis of your online business.

It's all about content

  • Each customer requires distinct shop content
  • Shop content and infomercials blend seamlessly
  • Use the advantages of your existing CMS for shop administration
  • Immersive integration into the existing internet presence
  • Create dynamic and personalized shop content
  • Context-aware presentation
  • Mobile shopping and native app support