Individual Shopping Content

A successful online business cannot rely solely on technology to gain new customers. Competition is fierce, so online retailers need to adapt in order to keep customers satisfied and attract potential new buyers.

Do you need more information on  contextualisation?

Individual and user-tailored functions have been part of content management for several years. It makes sense to apply those same features to shop content.


Expectations of Your Customers

Key features your shop needs in order to satisfy customers are:

  • The ability to quickly find and access products and information
  • The web presence's ability to adapt to the personal preferences of the user
  • Straightforward usability.

The eBusiness eXtension is a high-level enterprise solution to make all this possible. It provides all the customisation and personalisation options of the CoreMedia platform, enabling you to tailor content to the needs of individual customers and guiding them to their desired products.


Signature Features:

  • Personalised display of products
  • Product-related articles, infomercials and advertisements
  • Personalised offers and campaigns
  • Offers for customer groups