Product and Catalogue Management

Making your products easily available to customers is essential to a successful online shop.
  • Customisable Product Variants
    Online shops often struggle to display large numbers of product variations. eBX allows you to show products in any number of variations and choose how the different aspects are best visualised.
  • Product Bundles
    Product bundles encourage multiple purchases and increase shop revenue.
  • Product Groups and Categories
    Your products, as with CoreMedia content, can be grouped or categorised. eBX gives you free reign to design and structure your product placement.
  • Extendable Product Attributes
    Maintained and accurate product attributes help your customer filter and search quickly for specific products.
    Product attributes can be displayed flexibly and scaled. Attributes saved in other systems (e. g. ERP) can be imported and displayed homogenously.
  • Attribute-based Search and Navigation
    Once the attribute lists have been edited your customer will be able to find products faster. Additionally the shopping assistant will help to filter and search through large numbers of products quickly.
  • Digital Products
    The market for digital products (subscriptions to music, videos online publications) is expanding rapidly. eBX can help you manage your own digital products.