Software development 

cyber:con takes great pride in the high quality of its employees - encouraging them to become familiar with different technologies, programming languages and apporaches to system architechture. Alongside our long-standing expertise in Java applications we are always keen to find alternative solutions and think outside the box.

We offer our development services at an hourly rate or as part of a flexible price contract.

Service Agreement

A service agreement charged at an hourly rate allows our customer the greatest degree of flexibility. Our consultants can work on-site in conjunction with your business's staff or externally from our headquarters in Bonn.

Contract for Work

cyber:con also offers fixed price contracts which many customers find attractive as it removes the risk to them of unanticipated expenses or cost-overrun. Together with the customer we create a project plan which will meet the customer's requirements. As the project progresses, we are happy either to provide periodic status updates or to offer the customer the use of a number of advanced tools which give a fly on the wall view of the projects progress. We can even make available a secure space on our domain so the customer can check what features have been implemented so far, the stage of bug fixing and any other project activity - all in real time.