Analysis and Specification

You do not need to have a complete software plan before you contact us. We are happy to help analyse your requirements and develop a project specification. We know customers appreciate clear and straightforward advice, so that is what we offer.

Our analysts use reliable and approved methods including Prince 2, structural analysis, UML, use cases and planning games as well as a variety of other techniques developed through Xtreme Programming.

Technology and Architecture Consulting

Once you are satisfied with your list of requirements we will develop a system architecture and employ appropriate and cost effective technologies. This is were we, figuratively speaking, lay down the tracks that later define the project's outcome. Architecture and technology must fit together perfectly.

Mistakes made in this phase of the project can be difficult and expensive to fix, which is why cyber:con's priority is getting it right the first time.

Process Consulting

Our process experts work with you to identify, customise and optimise the best processes for your software development, configuaration management, problem managment and incident management. We do not restrict ourselves to one type of process. Rather, we start by looking at our customer's requirements and only after a careful analysis of all relevant factors will we present our recommendations. Our aim is to find the right fit for your business needs - a seamless integration with your existing architecture and a smooth transistion.

Whether you are a sole proprietor or a company with hundreds of employees, cyber:con has something to offer - ITIL, Rational Unified Process, SCRUM, Xtreme Programming or Waterfall (Linear Sequential Model).

Quality Assurance

cyber:con's approach to quality assurance is second to none. We use proven and reliable automated testing technology alongside a team of experienced proffessionals who are experts at manual testing techniques.